Whortleberry Sandwiches

Will ring you tonight to see if we could 

get a bed in the capital of Texas 

where I hope to hear about 

your message-keyboard to the GP


see how we can have probably 

the most recent behaviour 

but that’s not helping the community

she said she would like to have 

a great time in the market

looks good to go to the public


United Arab world cup of coffee 

in the upper right corner of your time

business development executive 

that I am halfway through


spider web page amidst a quick note 

to protect against computer viruses 

or a computer system to inform you 

that you are not the named addressee


virtual tour of my father who died 

on the way to get a chance

whortleberry sandwiches for lunch 

and then the next few days

lick each reason for a short-lived bunch

the doctor would be great to have


Laughter in The Face of Other Laughter



you have been very quickly after

the death penalty

to see search engine

and miss me too


haha Hyundai

yesterday was so funny lol

but not in the same way

as Scots Gaelic football

today is going well

thanks for letting me know

what it means to be able to

make up the phone number

for the rest of my favourite song

again and again

I think you should not take

any notice of this week


uploaded this month channel playlist

it’s not that much better now

though I don’t want to meet him in his room 

number for the late text


Navel Fluff Stuff

My identity

is usually my email address

emendations on an SD card

removed safely

I have nothing to do with it


black male blackmail

maps of dandruff

quarries of mucus

mines of lost keys

and lost places on pages

that challenged us

what we carry in our navels


the bad press of gangs

including politicians

linger in a libido underpass

teams of sacked football managers

play against what’s expected of them


what time is silence?

not the arranged commemorative version 

but true absence of sound

but the truth

performers of chance

an applause cause on a causeway


get a Deuteronomy hysterectomy

don Leviticus Levis

log fire log incidents

a Focke Wulf to all that

it will be lonely this Christmas

with you to hold


That Sort of White Man

Cause of death 

since it has not been out to see the light

I hear that the engagement 

of that sort of white man is not on

just been told to come from my shoes


during the last two radiators in his life

he was often used as a cute youngster

haha it’s okay baby 

you make a difference to the doctor

until I get started on the appropriate discussion

of how to change the central nervous system

and I have no clue about it


I will have to wait for a good idea

to get my head in shame

so much more common than that

is the first person singular imperative form

of government of the weekend after the whales


really bad day today

but not sure if this wakes me up

from a distance of about a family hoedown

could have done that to you and me too

well done for getting the train to London

with a dramatic performance of my favourite 

is the best bank account details of this article


on his face after all the things

we need more than anything else

using this button is the worst feeling in the works



The elegant efficient easy way

that expands to 3x size

tell the time even when it’s dark


destroy fleas instantly

keep spiders away

to eradicate dust mites


odour free for a year

hide fences with ivy

strengthen crooked toes


keep essentials close

keep outdoor traps

demanded by the military


the stress of long journeys

sit comfortably for hours

pressure at a glance


a heightened sense of security

unwanted body hair removed

a seat when putting them on


Absolute Zero

My offspring does make 

family life disappeared

a gauntlet betrothed

its most living duration


lately one knowledge

opportunities dangling

around here by a chapel

the spooked flute stars

the diners pots


a friend’s paean complete

pain cares about it 

poet your bread days

marriage people 

cobbled snails


delete togetherness

learning togetherness


breathing places

fauna arsenal

delete today

flight fishes stone


a green moon won the Earth

a birth away

murder away

your personal blackbirds diving

labels evident


label anything

anything won

homes ignorance


rise me

some years

the tree participation

a man plan

jingoism tantrums 

a land market

best entities

in sand weather

a now idea

sand us


Shuffled Pack

Morning is going well
like it was about to get breakfast
at the beginning of the day

for example if your company
is not a good idea
do not desire success
of what we have to insist upon
this communication is strictly forbidden
including any attachments

following the link to my questions
more information about the dead of the day
so far as I am not able to make sure
that you are happy to hear that

he told the associated press writer
of the most challenging experience
in the future view of an idea
of what you think you can keep safe

please advise me on the toilet seat
for the last eight hours
at the end result
of the most recent customer

of course I will let this happen to be able
to confirm that I can see that
you are unable to reduce your carbon


Human Resources

That he is investigated by the manager
he is not an easy thing to remember
more than anything else you can repeat
that he would have thought about it

me I was just thinking how much you want
me to come over here for another job
during the war against the government
of the world for the purpose of life

I’d say that it was just like the sound
of music and lyrics to be honest
and I’ll try not to worry about you
still wheezing night tonight but the other one
doesn’t work for me and you

because it didn’t abide with me
know that feeling lol but not sure yet
until they reached out for lunch
they had never before seen the weather
put it in the works and miss the days
when we had a prolific home season

with you on your mind and heart and soul
doesn’t mean anything by mail
baby girl who will win the war
against the Sky sports news
and articles on this page
with his hands on her face and body
in his Elizabethan ruff he is investigated
by the United Church of Jesus Christ

John and I don’t want a baby
left for dead and buried under a different pain
because it was not in the car park
and the rest is an archived discussion
concerning the same thing

I can see that you wish for your chance
to test your knowledge of the world
a week off and get some rest
now but not in bed yet

go to court in a convertible Mercedes
on the appropriate indication of notability
properties are showing off their moves

down the stairs at least one other person
is notable for being homophobic
free small cupboard is going on
part of the weekend is going ok
but not sure about the money

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Rainfall Destinations

The comfort level of a shaky spirit level
the final showdown of the lowly lowdown
of a duped doped electorate

the dividend a finger buffet
gloved against a zoonotic virus
that has decided on
a sightseeing tour of its world

as emboldened rivers
lap up to car parks
so close to where we’ve halted
valleys splurged into lakes
and Victoria cakes

a wind blows out a match down a chimney
delivery drivers with no destination
that is familiar in the new ecosystem

so Brexit got done
and the empire makes a comeback
the rehabilitation of Enoch Powell
Lord Lucan and Benny Hill
a fillip for an absent Prime Minister
and his invisible Cabinet

I’ve no interest in our Royal family
instead I follow a fulmar watcher
a bullshit stopper saint
a coastal dervish wearing
a stood down hat and a stab vest
boogying with wet ankles
on thin offerings of dessicated sand
on the deck of the new Marie Celeste