The Commons

The dark side of a stallion
and the tempered glass foreheaded ones 
who lead us into temptation 
in the melting cable TV box sets
that used to be our Earth 

point your cameras at the spectres
do it so much your life becomes invisible 
but at least you have the pictures 
to show that you were there
behind the lens
behind the moment 

waiting for a waiter 
planning for a planet
longing for belonging 
saving for salvation 

I thanked the admission clerk
for my visit to Camelot at Wroxeter
he got it
not many would 
the preserve of the gatekeepers
of permitted knowledge
but my story is not

red spine blue lettering 
the Romans were here
as were the Britons
woad on woad
blue on blue

the theft of the commons
the ongoing annihilation of the commoners
the persecution of the commons’ women
because they knew healing 
and they knew learning 
because the Church of Men feared them

my grandmothers
my mother 
my aunts
my sister 
my wife
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My canon of work
scan through a Canon camera lens
as cannons blast
the cannon fodder munched
frantically dancing the can can of survival 
in the technological financial militarised state

my can of worms elicits canned laughter 
but it’s not funny any more 
as cantankerous tank divisions

on tin can avenues of declining worker wages
I carry the can
for no can do
to say it’s been worth the wait
is untrue 

can you come over?
I won’t be in
so in my place I’ll leave 
a recanted cardboard cutout 
in the event of an event
of politician cant falling silent
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Blank 5

Grave digging but louder
my familiar and avatar
blank 5
the blankets in a dog crate
rise up to meet me
to haunt me
on a Tuesday when I am free

he asks me about bondage in art
I say it’s up to him
but leave me out
art as performance 
performance as art
living as neither 

dead TV actors still on my screen 
no escaping them and their hang ups 
pity I couldn’t do that in real life
or maybe I do when you’re not looking 
slight of hand
jiggery pokery of cockiness
codpiece and chips

meeting with my maker
the inspector of spectres
warranty issue to chew over
still selling an anus’ anus
resurrected airliner crew member
they keep hanging around 

louder than a lodger
who doubles as a supremapharmacist 
apparently human remains 
broke bread then funked
re enact the previous decade 
as all popular culture does
me too

voucher for a future 
thanks a bunch
don’t spend it all at once 
though it will soon be worthless 
press home to unlock 

blank 5 gone up to 14
in supersonic inflation 
summer not keen on it this year 
amputated bag of negatives
turned into a positive 


Food of The Unthinking

Bowdlerise a fast spin bowler 
in a bowler hat
when science is not an exact science 
so could algae help avert the energy crisis?

Honda genuine accessories 
open box magnolia monkeypox 
the English Civil War revived
share a drink with Sheila na gig
while the Queen attends her own funeral
the Medieval period still in vogue
but not with this son of appliances 

Wroxeter Viroconium 
namaste name test
voice of Alan Shearer
friend requests from enemies 
how to join NATO
blade and boss
please instruct me how to cook
or let me eat cake

who’s your daddy?
the view through the bottom of a whisky glass
I would have liked to have been an archaeologist 
that would have got me closer to the earth
and further from trouble 

or joined NATO
career advice of caribou 
action plan of Harry Horizontal 
just who’s your daddy?

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The Other One

My other self wins hands down 
the truth again that was forgot 
so I grew a beard heavenwards 
so that it hid my tired eyes

curated to conceal
a day at the racists
just look at them jump those fences
then fall and break their Grand Nationalist necks

chew amnesia pills
whilst Adirondack headed
on a bus that travels only in reverse 
I feel giddy as I spy
the bums lined up
resigned to their fate

force my mind to recall
false memories crowd 
these libraries of thought
subsumed by dust
that defies cleanliness or clarity 

and share a glass of milk 
with Acker Bilk 
the milk of human kindness 
to the udders of enslaved species 
strangers on shores fast flooding 

cultivating camouflage hair
to hide from the encroaching enemy 
if you still have the energy 
for self preservation 
for privacy of your enigmas 

I grew my beard for Heaven
and nothing else

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Sabre Rattling on a Sunday Afternoon

thousands without power
space pictures taken from a missile 
nightlife would erode my values
responds to pregnant reporter 
injured in dog attack
freedom declining at breakneck speed
the right to disconnect 
new insect find
future of cash

Johnson: do not rescue farm animals
two days after Greek ferry fire
take down my naked photos 
run from apparent shelling
how do I claim for damage?
trapped in a home I couldn’t heat
she pants plans biggest war
very very likely and very very imminent 
requires big psychological leap
exhilarating brawl in grudge match

come to window during rescue 
to prepare for a united Ireland
I escaped hell haunted by fear it’s an ominous sign
Britain’s most dangerous roads
hippos descended
actors vow to carry on after tense final
who made the earth better 

dies aged 39 
lived in a forest for 30 years
pharmacists say abuse ban on foie gras and fur
reborn after pioneering gene-editing treatment 
faith helped during depression 
spur gambling closing ceremony 
as wind warnings issued
her killer ex he pants
I dance to cope



I am become death he said
and then ushered in a death
as terrible and swift as any
previously imagined
in the annals of history 
and the pages of early science fiction 
I am become Erik Red I said
and unleashed an empty crisp packet
of stale chip shop air
into the desperate debate on when
we should permit our self destruction 

the Queen is dead The Smiths said
me a lifelong anti monarchist
imagining a regime change
where equality blooms
in our remaining decades

Document of Surly Disposition

Ding ding Crazy Frog to make a comeback 
he sold away his people’s heritage 
fishing site hacked to show pornography
press green to watch from the start 
millions of streams but just two songs

looted art claims pose questions 
what’s in short supply and where?
mission to smack a space rock is set to launch
we don’t want to go to Zumba we’re punks

motorway frenzy after armoured car spills money 
the only way to brag about 
your great American road trip 
is to buckle up and do it

don’t call young people woke
do more to end North South divide
hit by shortage of condoms
the David Attenborough of darts
I didn’t hate Britain 

what the cast did next
dredging up World War Two
rage across Europe 
bear shot dead by 70 year old hunter 

school bus experiment brings hope
kidnappers release two missionary hostages 
await JFK Jr’s return from the dead
I don’t think anyone has a clue about what they’re doing
we’ve got Raul back

deny basic services to unvaccinated
we’ll be jabbed recovered or dead
how SUV mowed down parade goers
how to stop caring

cleared of 1949 rape charge
recalled to prison after approaching young women
playing trans role was a mistake
scrap male and female categories 

praising Peppa Pig
how many changes are you making?
activists posted her address online
prepares to deflect asteroid for the first time


Please Explain Sleaze to Me

Servile ski every vote served up 
by plankton eating rulers 
under the belt of Sport in order 
to get back into your room for a few days
skunks the same thing as you 
scum your heart to the head 
shell out in a small hole 
and the back of the hill 
is a hole in the wall 
in your head 

I am innocent you heard it here first
preferring animals to humans
and ghosts to citizens
breathing the same empty air as me

Subbuteo war crimes tribunal
childhood cough mixture sadness 
Sunday school madness 
flat footed athletes bully brilliance 
taking it for the team
by taking it from the team

surgery in the near shell of a tree 
sucking a bit too hard 
Thurston is going on a trip 
Erik I am sorry for your confusion 

a satchel is a good friend of mine 
sleaze eases my pain 
slobber about in a dainty haircut 
dancing in my room at the same place 

Lighting Up

Electricity Bill
experimented with his left leg
customized it so that it
doubled up as a lamp
pimped up to bestow him 
guidance and a limp

this made walking difficult
and his movements more circuitous
but when he was tired
and darkness had settled in for its night
he would lie back and raise that limb
so that it illuminated him
with his own radiance
attracting moths and creatures
that wait in shadows
to the flame that he had become